Linear Positioning Application:
More Control was asked by our customer to provide an alternative to a traditional mechanical dial readout.
The readouts are positioned on two ends of a shaft and are used to level the shaft and set it at a height above the machine bed.
The existing ball screw and dial has a degree of backlash which means the handle moves without any true linear movement of the shaft.

Solution Provided:
Using the Pepperl and Fuchs PMI sensor we attached a target to the shaft bearing. The Sensors analogue signal is displayed on an Omron K3MAJ panel meter, able to provide accurate read outs and detections.
By directly measuring from the shaft bearing, we are able to give the customer the true direct position of the shaft rather than the lead-screw and able to efficiently solve the issue.

See our demonstration video below.

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More Control – Omron Product Demostration & Testing Videos

More Control Product Demonstration videos testing durability, effectiveness, precision & performance.

  • E3ZM Sensor Test
  • E3NX-FA Fibre Optics

E3ZM Sensor Test

Professor Joe Williamson testing durability and effectiveness of the E3ZM Sensor.


A saving of £24,000?
In one of our success stories with the E3ZM a customer had to replace a particular sensor at least once a month due to water ingress. We selected the correct E3ZM equivalent which has now been in operation for two years without any issue. The previous sensor took an hour to change which equates to at least 24 hours of saved production time (£1000 per hour) on this line !!

We are happy to cross refer your existing sensors to the E3ZM range.

Compact housing size and high power LED for excellent performance-size ratio in a rugged, detergent-resistant stainless steel housing for demanding environments.

Omron E3NX-FA Fibre Optics

Check out our unique demonstration test video of the E3NX-FA.

  • High Speed Performance.
  • Multiple Surface Sensing.
  • Easily set up and adjusted.

In terms of long distance sensing.
Minute object detection.
High speed processes.

Available with a single output as standard and up to two outputs in advanced models, these innovative amplifiers offer:
Fast and effective auto-tuning
Comprehensive support for manual tuning.
The industries widest dynamic range to ensure stable detection of targets.

For more information about either the Omron E3ZM Sensor or the E3NX-FA fibre optics please contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.

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Convert World (Universal Conversion)

Launched in 2005, Convert world provides one of the best and most popular sites for unit conversion. The tools provided are free and are constantly worked on to develop and improve. Now available in over 20 languages, Convert World provides a universal means of understanding and calculating units of measurement.

Convert World allows you to literately convert anything, Currency / Distance, Magnetism, Time and 100’s of more!

Supporting multiple conversion groups and divided into sectioned areas of conversion, Convert World ensures users are able to acquire whatever, conversion information they need, all from a singular source.

Unit Conversion Online - Use Our Unique Conversion Tools Free

Every wondered how many kilos there is to a pound, or how many yards a sea mile is or even the size in millimetres of an object, convert world allows you to calculate these figures into useable data.

With more than 160 currencies, with the daily updates, you can be sure to have an accurate answer at hand when travelling, working or studying. Find out the size of differences between US Shoe measurements and in Europe. Understand how much pressure there is one centimetre of water.

Understanding: dimensions, motion, timing, mechanics, computing, energy measurements, flow rates, magnetism, radioactivity, all these measurements can be easily converted and calculated to be suited towards any end user application use.

For more information, about conversion calculations and how to convert world to help understand measurements, contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.

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5 Simple SEO Tips for Ecommerce Sites

Ecommerce websites offer a great opportunity for earning online revenue because they make it easy for your customers to buy what they want (and like) instantly.

And your investment is relatively lower as you don’t have to stock physical inventory. However, this situation is perfect when people are already on your ecommerce site.

The question to consider is how many people are coming to your ecommerce site? In other words, is your ecommerce website optimized for search engines?

Why SEO is Tough for Ecommerce Sites?

An Ecommerce site typically has several products, which may be regular everyday use products with the standard product description provided by the manufacturer. Such description contains no keywords, nor is it particularly interesting.

Well, the lack of keywords is one area where you lose out on SEO benefits. Also dry boring descriptions don’t excite anyone and ecommerce sites rarely attract natural back links. This is yet another area, where you get a big negative marking in the SEO department.

Result is slow traffic to your ecommerce site and low sales.

Is there a Solution?

Most definitely yes.

SEO for ecommerce websites is not tough or impossible. It is just different than traditional SEO. And here are 5 ways you can optimize your ecommerce website for search engines.

5 Simple SEO Tips for Ecommerce Websites

1. Choose keywords wisely

Experts recommend optimizing for long tail keywords on ecommerce site, as they will bring you targeted traffic with intent to convert. So instead of using ‘Nikon camera’ as the keyword, choose ‘Nikon camera xyz model number’ for better results.

2. Choose the Right Products to Optimize for

Another aspect of choosing keywords wisely is related to choosing the right products to optimize for. You may have 1000 products that you sell. You obviously cannot optimize for all. Choose the highest converting or most popular products and across categories and select the most suitable keywords for those products. There are several keyword selection tools available or you can hire the services of professional SEO experts.

3. Focus on the Content

The universal rule of ‘content is king’ applies here too. Do not restrict yourself to the manufacturer’s description. Come up with something creative and original for each product. You don’t have to write long descriptions. But make your content witty and interesting. If you feel you’re unable to take on this responsibility, outsource the work to expert content writers. And make sure you naturally work your selected keywords into the content.

Here is an excellent video where SEO expert Rand Fishkin offers tips on how to write interesting, compelling content for ecommerce websites.

4. Avoid Duplicate Content

This is an obvious point, but when you have very similar products, on your website, inadvertent duplication may occur. Google unfortunately does not look kindly upon such ‘inadvertent’ errors and content duplication can cost your dear especially in the wake of the latest Google Panda update. Again, expert content writers can help you if you feel you’re unable to tackle this issue on your own. Encouraging customers to provide product reviews is an effective method to avoid content duplication.

5.Encourage Natural Links for your Ecommerce Website

Despite various changes in the SEO industry, the golden grail remains link building. It is a good idea to have a blog for your website. High quality, relevant articles on the blog will attract natural links. Guest blog on relevant blogs. For instance, for the Nikon camera example, we talked about, a back link from a reputed photography site will help. Look for such guest blogging opportunities.

How have you used SEO in your ecommerce site?

Yasir Khan is the Founder of Quantum SEO Labs. He has worked on the SEO strategies for clients in varied niches including ecommerce.

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