Linear Positioning Application:
More Control was asked by our customer to provide an alternative to a traditional mechanical dial readout.
The readouts are positioned on two ends of a shaft and are used to level the shaft and set it at a height above the machine bed.
The existing ball screw and dial has a degree of backlash which means the handle moves without any true linear movement of the shaft.

Solution Provided:
Using the Pepperl and Fuchs PMI sensor we attached a target to the shaft bearing. The Sensors analogue signal is displayed on an Omron K3MAJ panel meter, able to provide accurate read outs and detections.
By directly measuring from the shaft bearing, we are able to give the customer the true direct position of the shaft rather than the lead-screw and able to efficiently solve the issue.

See our demonstration video below.

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More Control – Omron Product Demostration & Testing Videos

More Control Product Demonstration videos testing durability, effectiveness, precision & performance.

  • E3ZM Sensor Test
  • E3NX-FA Fibre Optics

E3ZM Sensor Test

Professor Joe Williamson testing durability and effectiveness of the E3ZM Sensor.


A saving of £24,000?
In one of our success stories with the E3ZM a customer had to replace a particular sensor at least once a month due to water ingress. We selected the correct E3ZM equivalent which has now been in operation for two years without any issue. The previous sensor took an hour to change which equates to at least 24 hours of saved production time (£1000 per hour) on this line !!

We are happy to cross refer your existing sensors to the E3ZM range.

Compact housing size and high power LED for excellent performance-size ratio in a rugged, detergent-resistant stainless steel housing for demanding environments.

Omron E3NX-FA Fibre Optics

Check out our unique demonstration test video of the E3NX-FA.

  • High Speed Performance.
  • Multiple Surface Sensing.
  • Easily set up and adjusted.

In terms of long distance sensing.
Minute object detection.
High speed processes.

Available with a single output as standard and up to two outputs in advanced models, these innovative amplifiers offer:
Fast and effective auto-tuning
Comprehensive support for manual tuning.
The industries widest dynamic range to ensure stable detection of targets.

For more information about either the Omron E3ZM Sensor or the E3NX-FA fibre optics please contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.

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Erwin Sick Flexi Soft Safety Controller

Flexi Soft is a safe bet not only for a large number of systems and machines, but also for various industries. Flexi soft is an intelligent solution that networks modular machines. Flexi soft has been one of the best selling safety controllers in the area of industrial safety. It is conveniently and free programmable with software, easy to use and it can be expanded in a variety of ways with modular additions.

A compact safety solution for the entire system. Flexi Soft is a modular safety controller that grows in line with the increasing complexity of the application

Safe and especially straightforward networking without any addressing: the smart solution for realising modular machine concepts

Optimised production: a smaller machine footprint and safe human-machine interaction minimize downtime.

Thanks to its modular hardware platform, the controller can grow module by module as a given task evolves. This means that Flexi Soft can be perfectly adapted to different applications, saving effort and unnecessary, expensive inputs.

Connection for as many as 296 safety sensors via Flexi Loop with the ability to network up to 32 safety controllers.

The Flexi Soft concept offers a whole range of modules, expansion modules, motion control modules and gateways that can be used to create a csutomised, efficient solution for your safety applications. It is the ideal choice for safeguarding against hazardous points in presses and laser cutting systems used in machine building applications.

Flexi Soft also makes it possible to network overlapping safety functions in modular machines and integrate these into the standardised system controllers.

Flexi Soft Programmable Controllers

- Scalable for an efficient and cost optimized safety application solution

- Cost savings: Flexi Soft offers a modular structure that is in line with your requirements, and thus offers an ideal level of granularity

- Intuitive configuration software featuring comprehensive functions enables continuous monitoring of the configuration

- Rapid verification of the safety application: The configuration software provides documentation and a wiring diagram.

- Safety logic is easy to create thanks to ready made TUV certified function blocks

- The main modules diagnostics interfaces and the configuration storage facility and the configuration storage facility in the system plug enable rapid commissioning, component replacement, and troubleshooting resulting in minimum downtimes

For more information about the Sick Flexi Soft programmable controller, contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.

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WERMA WIN New Counting Module – Slave Performance

The new counting module from WERMA the “WIN Slave Performance” can monitor functions and the piece part count of the machine and analyse the progress of a job on the machine. The software of the new module allows the monitoring of up to six different machine status conditions as well as counting the piece part production output signal of the machine.

WIN is an inexpensive piece of kit which is easy to install thanks to its plug and play functionality. The low cost system can monitor wirelessly up to 50 machines irrespective of age or type of the machine.

WERMA solutions improve efficiency and productivity in the production area and lead to greater transparency of the manufacturing process.

Software Developments

The WIN Slave Performance new software contains many new functions, features and new analytical tools. The monitoring of specific job performance criteria can contribute to improve machine utilisation and help reduce down time in the production process. A further feature is the display of the fulfilment level of a job in hand on the machine. Any time frame, for example the shift yesterday or last week can be viewed retrospectively at the touch of a button. The clear and concise notification and display of monitored condition changes on the machine can make a big difference to reducing down time in the value added process chain.

Staying in Touch with the job

For the WIN system, staying in touch is no problem, no matter where you might be. If the status condition of the machine should change, an email can be generated automatically and sent to a PC or smart phone. This notification can also be time delayed if the user so wishes.

Good transmission range
The transmission distance given an unobstructed line of sight is 300m, but the construction and layout of a production area may influence this. However as each WIN slave acts as a “repeater” one to another the network distance capability is in fact considerably greater.

For more information about WERMA WIN (wireless information network) systems and wireless solutions, contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.

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Sick Inspection PIM60 – Advanced Position Detection & Measurement

Inspector PIM60 maximizes quality control and efficiency in production

SICK Inspector PIM60The new Inspector PIM60 vision sensor from SICK offers high speed parts inspection, position detection and in addition intelligent measuring functions plus a flexible web server.

The broad functionality of the new Sick Inspector PIM60 in combination with the accurate calibration function ensures increased quality control and efficiency in most industries. This is the case with, e.g quality inspection with dimension and position control of commercial goods, part inspection and dimension verification in electronic component assembly and belt picking with inspection and dimensioning in automotive manufacturing.

Toolbox enhanced with measurement

The Inspector PIM60 provides machine builders, integrators and users with a multifunctional toolbox containing additional options for measuring diameters, angles, and variable distances. The Inspector PIM60 offers smart camera level performance but still with the sensor ease-of-use. The new flexible measuring tools make it possible to measure dimensions and assess whether or not they are acceptable, pass/fail verification, as well as deliver detailed result values via Ethernet/IP or TCP/IP.

Visualize and control the data

The Inspector PIM60 web server affords simple and cost-effective options for monitoring production processes. The Inspector PIM60 can also be used to import customer-specific websites and layouts, thus allowing you to set up individual screens and user interfaces with specific fonts, graphics, logos, and functions.

Benefit from intelligent calibration

The sophisticated calibration concept ensures reliable inspection results on moving or rotating parts – even if the Inspector PIM60 is positioned at an angle or wide-angle lenses are being used. The results calibration function makes it possible to output the vision sensor’s measured values as millimetres, so that they can be used directly for robot or gripper control.
Inspector PIM60: Offering added value thanks to integrated measuring functions!

For more information about the SICK Inspector PIM60 & other inspection products, contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.

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Leuze BPS 34/37 Barcode Positioning System, PROFIBUS DP/SSI Interface

Wherever equipment is moved by automatic means or manually, exact position determination is essential.

Leuze BPS Positioning SystemAlongside mechanical transducers, optical methods are ideally suited for position determination, as they are able to detect positions without slippage and without mechanical wear.

Compared to familiar optical measurement methods, the unique Leuze barcode positioning system BPS 34/37 is capable of absolute position measurement with millimeter precision, i.e. without the need to use reference points, and is consequently able to deliver an unequivocal statement of position at any time.

The highly flexible and robust barcode tape permits the system to be used with maximum ease in situations involving corners or guidance tolerances – over distances of up to 10,000 meters.

The Leuze systems are used predominantly in the field of position detection and absolute positioning. The fields of application for this type of system cover a wide range of applications and industries.

• Electrified Monorail Conveyors

• Skid handling systems

• Shuttle Carts/Tables

• Rack handling devices and hoists

• Crane systems

• Transfer machines

• Elevators

Leuze BPS 34/37

The Leuze BPS 34 has a protection rating of IP65. The Leuze barcode reader is used to determine the position of the BPS relative to a permanently mounted barcode hand.

Designed for Profibus, this unit is the first which has a directly integrated Profibus DP interface. Available with two different Profibus connection modules: MS 34 103 and MS 34 105.

The Leuze BPS 34 is also available with a modular service display: MS 1 101. The laser beams are on an angle of 10 degrees to the top to avoid a total reflection of the laser from, for example glossy labels.

The Leuze BPS 37 has a protection rating of IP65. It has a SSI (RS 422) interface and a RS 232 service interface. This unit can be connected to the MA 4.7/MA 4D.7 for easy connection.

The Leuze BPS 34/37 are especially well suited to determining the position of rail-mounted industrial trucks, suspension tracks, crane systems, high-bay storage devices or similar automated systems because they function without mechanical wear or slippage.

Leuze BPS 34/37 Main Features:

  • Manufactured by Leuze Electronic
  • BPS 34 with PROFIBUS interface and BPS 37 with SSI interface
  • Scanning depth of 10mm-160mm
  • Light source red light laser
  • 1000 scans/second scanning rate
  • 1 switching input and output
  • Supply voltage: 10-30VDC
  • IP65
  • Operating temperature: 0°C to 50°C
  • Lens heating available (-30°C to 40°C)
  • Maximum length (measurement length) of barcode band is 10000m

For more information about the Leuze BPS 34/37 barcode positioning system, contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.

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Leuze BCL 300i Bar Code Reader – Top Performance and Practical Innovations

The Leuze BCL 300i series with modularity functions allows the selection from a large number of equipment options to individually configure a device optimally for your application.

BCL 300i series Barcode ScannerThe BCL 300i is a perfectly tailored made bar code reader to suit your needs with regards to function, connection, mounting and operation and stands for reliability and system availability.

The Leuze BCL 300i series has proven high performance characteristics such as code reconstruction, integrated fieldbus connectivity and unrivalled optical data at long range and wide opening angles.

With a unique hood and integrated connectors, the Leuze device can be quickly connected to a fieldbus environment without complicated plug mounting. In addition, the compact scanner can be used  as an Ethernet switch in the network and can be configured either via browser based webConfig tool conveniently and directly via Ethernet or directly in the PROFIBUS / PROFINET environment.

With the BCL 300i, select between freely combinable equipment variants.

  • Display elements
    Graphic display, LED display
  • Interfaces
    PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Ethernet TCP/ IP, multiNet, RS 232 / 422 / 485
  • Optics / read fields
    High Density (N), Medium Density (M), Low Density (F), Ultra Low Density (L)
  • Connection technology
    Modular hood with integrated connectors, modular terminal hood, modular terminal box, connection cable
  • Scanner
    Oscillating mirror, deflection mirror, front mirror, line scanner, raster scanner
  • Additional options
    Heater, mounting systems


Diverse application possibilities

  • Pallet ID detection
  • Container identification
  • Container identification with variable heights
  • Container identification with autoReflAct

Leuze BCL 300i Bar Code Reader


Leuze BCL 300i Barcode Reader with Integrated Decoder

The Leuze BCL 300i modular, stationary bar code readers feature code fragment technology and numerous equipment features. Also unique is the modular connection technology.

World’s first bar code reader with freely combinable equipment
Graphic display, LED display
Integrated fieldbus connectivity (PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Ethernet, TCP/IP, multiNet, RS 232/422/485)
Full CRT (code reconstruction technology) also detects heavily damaged or soiled codes
webConfig is a operating-system independent, browser-based configuration tool.
Flexible electrical connection
High-quality optics with great depth of field and large opening angle
The device can function as an Ethernet switch to create a line structure network.
Compact housing design for problem-free placement directly at the conveyor line

Modular connector hood, terminal hood and terminal box
All optics models are also available with optional heating

For more information about the Leuze BCL 300i series of Bar code reader contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.

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More Control – Panel Building Design for the Future

With ever changing technologies, designs & legislations, panel builders increasingly find themselves face with new challenges. Those working within the panel building industry will need to change their knowledge base to account for greater integration of controls, measurements and the utilisation of compact, environmentally friendly measures.

Despite the economic slump, manufacturers are keen to introduce new technologies to the market. Along with this and the evolution of legislations within industrial automation is progressively shaping businesses view of the future and the demands they place on suppliers including panel builders.

More companies are thinking about the processes they implement for the longevity of systems, combined with gaining greater value for money.

Control Panel Building – Monitoring & Measuring

For panel builders this means looking at integrating monitoring and control capabilities into their panels. The focus has been increasingly on reducing the size of panels through the utilization of compact solutions, environmental considerations and ongoing maintenance and safety. Without undertaking this activity it is not possible for companies to make an informed decision about the level of investment needed to make improvements for lower energy consumptions and carbon emissions.

By measuring energy usage through metering, energy audits and simple bill analysis, it is possible to monitor the consumption of installation, areas and different systems such as heating and lighting, to identify where savings can be made.

Panel Building –Energy Usage & Building Regulations

As part of latest building regulations, there is a requirement for new builds, major refurbishments and any other commercial premises to account for the usage of 90% of each fuel type, meaning metering should be fitted. To help organizations keep track of their energy consumption there is an array of measuring technologies which can be easily installed into panels to monitor specific processes and systems.

In order to effectively analysis building usage, companies need to collect, analyse and monitor energy consumption remotely. This in turn requires communication tools and software management devices for panel builders. Software which operates as a gateway server enables the company to view data from measurement and monitoring devices online via a web browser. Data is displayed in real time and trends can be plotted while storing historical information from multiple locations.

With less money being spent on projects, any incentive which a panel builder can introduce to help keep costs down is always going to be a great benefit for the business. Plug and play solutions presents such a possibility. Devices such as circuit breakers and associated or onboard meters require less wiring and are more time efficient cost effective to install.

Panel Building – Compact Solutions

Coupled with plug and play is the need to also think modular. Today companies are keen to reduce the amount of space panel boards and switch boards use. Panel builders who offer flexible and compact solutions are more likely to be providing solutions that appeal to their customers.

Furthermore, with a module and compact solution there is the potential to be able to extend the panel in the future, adding in extra capabilities should the building expand or if more electrical circuits are installed. While there needs to be some spare capacity factored into the panel from the beginning it is always advisable not to add too much, otherwise there is a risk that the installation is inefficient, so being able to add capacity at a later date is a much better option.

In addition, with compact solutions comes an environmental benefit as they use less material and less natural resources providing a smaller carbon footprint and helping businesses to meet their green credentials.


Panel Building – Maintenance & Safety

Panel builders also need to think about the actual maintenance and safety of the panels now and in the future. Ease of maintenance needs to be a key factor within health and safety studies so panel builders need to ensure that it is efficient to maintain any electrical equipment. This helps reduce downtime for businesses.

The development of more innovative technologies means there is likely to be a change in the skill set of panel builders and the way they approach a project will be called into question. Panel builders will have to maintain and increase their knowledge base to keep abreast with the latest legislation and the key drivers that influence their customers, taking on responsibility for project engineering, programme engineering, leading to a more solutions led approach. This will in turn lead to a greater potential role switchboard manufacturers can play.

For more information about panel building or if you require a quote for a panel to be made, contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.

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Pepperl + Fuchs – Explosion Protection – ATEX Marking Technical Guide

Pepperl+Fuchs are a world leading manufacturer of safe explosion protection and electronic sensors, supplying numerous products and solutions for use in hazardous areas and harsh environment applications.

Expanding their existing process automation product range, Pepperl+Fuchs are experts in the electromechanical explosion protection market.

Pepperl+Fuchs products are certified to latest ATEX and IECEX guidelines; ideally suited numerous applications from oil platforms to pharmaceutical plants.

The Pepperl+Fuchs ATEX range of products are made of the following materials:


  • Stainless and mild steel
  • Fiberglass reinforced plastic
  • Aluminum
  • Cast metal

All product ranges are certified for use as a combination if more complex system solutions are required for the application.

Additional product ranges, which can all be used in hazardous areas, include:

  • Lighting
  • Signalling equipment
  • Emergency shutdown equipment

Installation accessories such as:

  • Cable glands
  • Thread conversion adaptors
  • Stopping plugs
  • Breather drain devices

Pepperl+Fuchs ATEXTo help clarify the different ATEX characteristics, contact us for our easy to use ATEX regulation guide for Electrical Equipment for Hazardous Areas.

Through the acquisition of Walsall, Pepperl+Fuchs have greatly extended their range of products, in particular enclosures, safety and flameproof protection classes with approval for a wide range of electrical apparatus.

The Walsall branded Pepperl+Fuchs hazardous area installation products are developed around high quality enclosures in the increased safety, intrinsic safety and flameproof protection classes. The hazardous product range provides several different options of enclosure dependant upon the project application and specification required, with a variety of sizes and materials available including stainless and mild steel, as well as glass reinforced polyester (GRP). The Pepperl+Fuchs products range includes a wide range of lighting, signalling and emergency shutdown alarm equipment as well as various installation accessories.

For Gas & Dust Areas

Pepperl + Fuchs – Handy Poster for Explosion Protection (A Comprehensive Introduction to Marketing and Meaning of ATEX Regulations)

Standard regulations for equipment is a core issue in European for all kinds of electrical, non-electrical equipment and safety devices as well as machines and facilities located within explosive atmosphere.

For more information about ATEX products, markings and regulations, contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.

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Convert World (Universal Conversion)

Launched in 2005, Convert world provides one of the best and most popular sites for unit conversion. The tools provided are free and are constantly worked on to develop and improve. Now available in over 20 languages, Convert World provides a universal means of understanding and calculating units of measurement.

Convert World allows you to literately convert anything, Currency / Distance, Magnetism, Time and 100’s of more!

Supporting multiple conversion groups and divided into sectioned areas of conversion, Convert World ensures users are able to acquire whatever, conversion information they need, all from a singular source.

Unit Conversion Online - Use Our Unique Conversion Tools Free

Every wondered how many kilos there is to a pound, or how many yards a sea mile is or even the size in millimetres of an object, convert world allows you to calculate these figures into useable data.

With more than 160 currencies, with the daily updates, you can be sure to have an accurate answer at hand when travelling, working or studying. Find out the size of differences between US Shoe measurements and in Europe. Understand how much pressure there is one centimetre of water.

Understanding: dimensions, motion, timing, mechanics, computing, energy measurements, flow rates, magnetism, radioactivity, all these measurements can be easily converted and calculated to be suited towards any end user application use.

For more information, about conversion calculations and how to convert world to help understand measurements, contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.

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