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More Control Product Demonstration videos testing durability, effectiveness, precision & performance.

  • E3ZM Sensor Test
  • E3NX-FA Fibre Optics

E3ZM Sensor Test

Professor Joe Williamson testing durability and effectiveness of the E3ZM Sensor.


A saving of £24,000?
In one of our success stories with the E3ZM a customer had to replace a particular sensor at least once a month due to water ingress. We selected the correct E3ZM equivalent which has now been in operation for two years without any issue. The previous sensor took an hour to change which equates to at least 24 hours of saved production time (£1000 per hour) on this line !!

We are happy to cross refer your existing sensors to the E3ZM range.

Compact housing size and high power LED for excellent performance-size ratio in a rugged, detergent-resistant stainless steel housing for demanding environments.

Omron E3NX-FA Fibre Optics

Check out our unique demonstration test video of the E3NX-FA.

  • High Speed Performance.
  • Multiple Surface Sensing.
  • Easily set up and adjusted.

In terms of long distance sensing.
Minute object detection.
High speed processes.

Available with a single output as standard and up to two outputs in advanced models, these innovative amplifiers offer:
Fast and effective auto-tuning
Comprehensive support for manual tuning.
The industries widest dynamic range to ensure stable detection of targets.

For more information about either the Omron E3ZM Sensor or the E3NX-FA fibre optics please contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.

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Omron Safety Guard Lock Door Switch D4SL-N

Omron’s new D4SL-N safety door switch is the most compact of its range, allowing mounting in areas where space is restricted. Useful on small machine access points, constructed with compact aluminium profile.

Omron D4SL-N SwitchInstallation is also aided through flexible mounting system which allows the unit to mount from any direction and with both axial and radial key holes the switch can be easily utilised for both sliding and levered doors.

The D4SL-N has the option of using unique micro-connector cable system simplifying and reducing installation time. With the option of up to 6 contacts, the D4SL-N provides complete flexibility with regard to monitoring, allowing independent diagnostics of the state of the door position and lock status.

The compact D4SL-N provides the ideal solution for all guard locking applications, simplifying installation with no compromise in functionality.

Compact and Functional

The compact design of the D4SL-N allows for development event for applications where space is restricted without compromising the configuration possibilities. Providing a 6 contact configuration means that complete monitoring of the switch can be provided back to the safety control system without any restrictions.

Benefits of a 6 contact switch
The D4SL-N has a flexible 6 contact arrangement which allows flexible monitoring of door open/close status and also the lock status of the switch. It also provides complete feedback to the safety control system, without compromise or limitations.

For more information about the Omron D4SL-N range of compact safety guard switches contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.

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Rechner Type 26 Series – Capacitive Sensors with an excellent body shape.

Rechner Type 26 – One Sensor style for everything, from dry grain through slurry to foam. (ATEX versions are also available)

Large players within the Food and Beverage industry are increasing moving over to the Rechner Type 26 series from proximity switches, rotary paddle wheel sensors, vibrating forks and rods.

With a simple setup, easy of use and reliable fit the Rechner Type 26 series cost less than rods, forks or rotary wheel sensors.

Rechner Type 26 series is an amazing problem solver with great potential and though it was initially designed for viscous products it is also fantastic with powders and liquids. The unique construction of the electrodes inside the specially shaped body maximises the detection ability and with the advanced high performance technology a capacitive sensor has been produced with excellent characteristics.

  • Housing material to suit most industries, especially food, beverage and pharmaceutical
  • No moving parts
  • Media optimised to sensor many similar products on one setting
  • A range of process fittings including the tri-clamp hygienic fitting
  • The sensor works independently of the mounting position (can be mounted in any orientation)


Rechner Series 26 Ideal For

  • Bulk materials, like plastic granules, powder, cereals etc
  • Liquids, like water, juice, wine, oil, chemical or pharmaceutical solutions and much more
  • Pastes in the food processing industry, resins or glue, etc


The Rechner Type 26 series is the ideal solution in many cases as replacements for vibrating forks or rods or rotary wheel technology. All these products have issues such as powders compacting and products jamming between the forks. With Rechner solution there are no moving parts and the sensor with withstand an incredible amount of product sticking to the sensor without causing it to switch output.

The success of the series 26 is why large users in the Food and Beverage industry as well as Pharmaceutical plants plus feed mills have moved back to capacitive sensors.

For more information about the Rechner Series 26 sensors, contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.

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Rechner (KFI) i-Level Probe – Capacitive Level Measuring Systems

The Rechner i-Level is an analogue level measurement probe with a measuring range which can be set by within the measuring area of the probe.

As a specialist sensor distributor and automation solutions provider More Control source and support the complete range of Rechner sensors.
The i-Level probe uses the Rechner patented 3 electrode principle ensuring an accurate repeatable measuring position and ignoring significant build up of product for all but highly conductive liquids. This makes the probe ideal for bulk materials as well as most liquid applications.

Main Advantages

  • Analogue measuring range user selectable within the analogue measuring area
  • 2 additional switching points which can be set at any place or outside of the analogue area. With intelligent PNP / NPN recognition, normally open or normally closed function programmable.
  • Analogue outputs available are 0 … 14V, 4…20 mA or 0 …20 mA
  • Supply voltage 18…30VDC.
  • Easy Teach Function
  • On request variants with Easy Teach by wire (ETW) or CANBus interface are available.
  • On request Unit also available with fixed programming of analogue range and switching points. .. Mount and Go.
  • Electronic Lock – prevents undesired changes of the programmed adjustment


Two digital outputs can also be set anywhere within the measuring area of the probe, either within or outside the user set analogue measuring range

The  i-Level probe has many excellent features

  • The standard version has a G1“process connection and the head is incredibly compact at just 30 mm diameter and only 75 mm length outside of the container
  • Connection materials are all FDA conforming stainless steel VA No. 1.4305 or 1.4404 and can also be connected to hygienic, metallic sealing process adapters
  • The probe material in contact with product is as standard GFK, with variants for the plastic bodies of PE, PEEK, PTFE or PVDF
  • The probe has an intelligent PNP/NPN recognition.  The choice of normally open or normally closed output is programmable

The i-Level probe is ideal for level detection of bulk material or liquids. With the two additional switching points additional tasks can be achieved with the same probe such a dry run protection for pumps and high level output signal to avoid overfills and spillages.

For more information about the Rechner (KFI) i-level probe contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.

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Omrons: NX Safety Control

Described as the next step towards the full integration of automation disciplines, the release of the NX Safety Controller, in combination with the new NX I/O system and Sysmac NJ Controllers, is a milestone and decisive step towards the full integration of automation disciplines.

Safety, logic, motion, vision and robotics in One software

This combination of system and safety components, from safety switches and safety sensors to motion devices with integrated safety functions, has great benefits to machine builders who want to find a single, integrated solution.

Omron NX Safety Control

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E32-LT/LD Cylindrical Fibre heads with built in lens

The Omron E32-LT/LD cylindrical Fibre heads with built in lends provide enhanced optical fibre sensing compared to standard fibre heads. The E32-LT/LD fibre series with built in lens are available at an affordable price and are an attractive alternative to solutions with separate lenses.

The Omron E32-LT/LD series contains an M4 through beam and M6 diffuse model with mon-core and multi-core/high flex fibre quality.

Omron E32-LT/LD Increased Sensing Distance & Precision

By reducing the spot angle from 60° to 15° the built in lens fibre provides up to 10 times higher light intensity and allows much higher precision in object positioning compared to conventional fibre heads. This also reduces the danger of side reflection and mutual interference from the fibre heads.

The New Omron Fibre heads with built in lens eliminate possible failures of separate lenses that can get loose from conventional fibres. This also means ease of part selection and ordering.

For more information about the Omron E32-LT/LD Cylindrical Fibre Optic Sensor, contact More Control on 0345 00 00 40.

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Omron Code Inspection – Advanced Visions with Ease of Use

Food products with incorrect printed date codes can cause major issues for manufacturers if they entre the supply chain. Product recalls, supermarket fines and damage to the brands reputation can lead to potentially host costs incurred.

Common issues within code reading systems include missing codes or codes which are not legible and the only way to ensure these errors never reach the customer is to perform 100% inspection.

The Omron range of industrial vision sensors provide a reliable and robust solution to verifying printed date codes. The system is simple to operate and are a fraction of the cost of existing inspection solutions.

Omron Printing Issues

Omron Vision sensors can be used to read and verify printed date codes to confirm that printed codes matches a master code string. Missing codes and illegible codes are also detected by the same inspection and rejected as non-conformant.

Omron Vision Sensors have 80 pre-training character fonts, which eliminate the need to train font types, reducing the set up effort and requirement for higher level vision experience.  All common printer types are catered for including thermal transfer, thermal inkjet, laser marked and inkjet printers.

Omron Reliable inspection

Omron’s unique OCR algorithm provides the most robust solution to printed code reading. Utilising geometric features of the character for analysis, decoding is performed with high accuracy and at very high speed. Fluctuations of the print (stretching / skew) caused by line speed changes or deformation of the characters caused by printer issues, can all be compensate for by the advanced algorithm.

Omron FQ2 Vision Sensor Family – Image Inspection

The Omron FQ2 vision sensor family is set to redefine the vision sensor market, providing advanced inspection, code reading and verification only previously available in higher end vision systems. With over 100 camera options, the FQ2 provides users with the ultimate flexibility to solve a variety of applications. Whether you need high resolution, code reading, integrated lighting, or a cost effective solution to solve a simple application, there is an FQ2 that fits your every need.

  • Powerful functionality with versatile line-up
  • Crystal clear images
  • All-in-one-housing
  • Easy searching with Shape Search II
  • Direct Part Marked (DPM)
  • Unique OCR technology
  • Code verification
  • Advanced Inspection

For more information about Omron Vision Systems and code reading systems, contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.

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Erwin Sick Flexi Soft Safety Controller

Flexi Soft is a safe bet not only for a large number of systems and machines, but also for various industries. Flexi soft is an intelligent solution that networks modular machines. Flexi soft has been one of the best selling safety controllers in the area of industrial safety. It is conveniently and free programmable with software, easy to use and it can be expanded in a variety of ways with modular additions.

A compact safety solution for the entire system. Flexi Soft is a modular safety controller that grows in line with the increasing complexity of the application

Safe and especially straightforward networking without any addressing: the smart solution for realising modular machine concepts

Optimised production: a smaller machine footprint and safe human-machine interaction minimize downtime.

Thanks to its modular hardware platform, the controller can grow module by module as a given task evolves. This means that Flexi Soft can be perfectly adapted to different applications, saving effort and unnecessary, expensive inputs.

Connection for as many as 296 safety sensors via Flexi Loop with the ability to network up to 32 safety controllers.

The Flexi Soft concept offers a whole range of modules, expansion modules, motion control modules and gateways that can be used to create a csutomised, efficient solution for your safety applications. It is the ideal choice for safeguarding against hazardous points in presses and laser cutting systems used in machine building applications.

Flexi Soft also makes it possible to network overlapping safety functions in modular machines and integrate these into the standardised system controllers.

Flexi Soft Programmable Controllers

- Scalable for an efficient and cost optimized safety application solution

- Cost savings: Flexi Soft offers a modular structure that is in line with your requirements, and thus offers an ideal level of granularity

- Intuitive configuration software featuring comprehensive functions enables continuous monitoring of the configuration

- Rapid verification of the safety application: The configuration software provides documentation and a wiring diagram.

- Safety logic is easy to create thanks to ready made TUV certified function blocks

- The main modules diagnostics interfaces and the configuration storage facility and the configuration storage facility in the system plug enable rapid commissioning, component replacement, and troubleshooting resulting in minimum downtimes

For more information about the Sick Flexi Soft programmable controller, contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.

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Omron NB HMI Series

Omron have released a new version (v1.3) of the NB-Designer Software, adding more functionality to the already extensive feature rich cost effective NB HMI series.

Remote Access

One major new feature is the support for remote access via web browser. This function already available on the Omron NS HMI series gives you the possibility to view the HMI screen from another device on the same Ethernet network or remotely using a VPN connection.

This web interface features can easily be enables and configured in the HMI software. Standard HTTP user authentication is available for basic security. From the simple web interface menu you can choose to only monitor or fully operate the HMI. The settings page helps you to optimise the performance and quality of the connection to the HMI.


With this web interface, OEM’s have the possibility to easily monitor or troubleshoot machines from a remote location using a standard web browser on any internet device, smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Omron NB Other New Features:

Other new features of the NB-Designer software are greater drive support for non-Omron PLC manufacturers, German and French language support and other improvements to make it easier to design elegant HMI applications.

Designed with simplicity in mind, the Omron NB series HMIs provide all the features and functions needed to create intuitive operator screens quickly, with programming software that can be downloaded freely from the Omron website. The NB HMI series are available in sizes from 3.5inch to a 10inch wide TFT colour touch screen with long-life LED backlighting, and a wide viewing angle, bringing increased functionality and usability which is ideal for small and medium sized machines.

For more information about the Omron NB Series and Omron NB designer software, contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.

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WERMA WIN New Counting Module – Slave Performance

The new counting module from WERMA the “WIN Slave Performance” can monitor functions and the piece part count of the machine and analyse the progress of a job on the machine. The software of the new module allows the monitoring of up to six different machine status conditions as well as counting the piece part production output signal of the machine.

WIN is an inexpensive piece of kit which is easy to install thanks to its plug and play functionality. The low cost system can monitor wirelessly up to 50 machines irrespective of age or type of the machine.

WERMA solutions improve efficiency and productivity in the production area and lead to greater transparency of the manufacturing process.

Software Developments

The WIN Slave Performance new software contains many new functions, features and new analytical tools. The monitoring of specific job performance criteria can contribute to improve machine utilisation and help reduce down time in the production process. A further feature is the display of the fulfilment level of a job in hand on the machine. Any time frame, for example the shift yesterday or last week can be viewed retrospectively at the touch of a button. The clear and concise notification and display of monitored condition changes on the machine can make a big difference to reducing down time in the value added process chain.

Staying in Touch with the job

For the WIN system, staying in touch is no problem, no matter where you might be. If the status condition of the machine should change, an email can be generated automatically and sent to a PC or smart phone. This notification can also be time delayed if the user so wishes.

Good transmission range
The transmission distance given an unobstructed line of sight is 300m, but the construction and layout of a production area may influence this. However as each WIN slave acts as a “repeater” one to another the network distance capability is in fact considerably greater.

For more information about WERMA WIN (wireless information network) systems and wireless solutions, contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.

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